Wo Schiffman


Reef by Wo Schiffman, 2017, mixed-media

My artwork, Reef, is a blend of beauty and destruction. As our ocean reefs continue to attempt to heal themselves from bleaching, oil spills, and invasive species, we struggle to find a scientific solution for their survival.

As a snorkeler and sailor, I have watched the changes taking place in reefs across the world. This painting is a mixture of memory and imagined recovery from bleaching and oil spills. I imagine looking up from below the reef — the beauty mixes with the effects of bleaching perpetrated by our indifference. A small black spot of oil on the surface remains, reminding us of the careless practices of transporting petroleum. However, the resilience of the reef is also present. I hope to remind us all of the incredible beauty of our reefs at the same time as we view the struggle to combat the effects of global warming and pollution.


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