Weiheng Qian


Seashore by Weiheng Qian, 2017, interactive installation

SeaShore is an artificial surrealistic ocean beach, an interactive experimental environment, and a projection-mapping immersive installation. The composited video of the ocean is projected on the wall, with waves extending from the wall out onto the floor that is covered with sand. You will find some realistic objects on my fake sandy beach. All the objects are plaster models cast from real driftwood, stone, crab and shell. The real textures of the objects are projected on the sculptures via projection mapping. My audience, however, may suspend their disbelief and feel everything’s real in my personal ocean space. I want them to undergo a shift, to question their experiences, to reconsider what we assume is reality. By recognizing the impossibility and fakeness of my installation, they will leave with a hypernormal state of more acute consciousness which is the concept behind this artwork.


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