Véronique Robigou


Deep Sea Oasis by Véronique Robigou, 2010, acrylic painting


Deep Sea Tubeworms by Véronique Robigou, 2011, colored pencil

One of the privileged marine geologists to have explored the deep ocean, its remote beauty scientifically fascinates Véronique Robigou and infuses her art. Underwater technology continuously expands our understanding of the Ocean but she keeps her mystery. Massive hydrothermal vents spewing hot and metal-laden fluids rise out of her darkest recesses inspiring reverence and awe. When the submersible illuminates a path toward a forest of monstrous shadows Robigou’s heart skips a beat, soon leading to enchantment amidst the peace of her Prussian blue entrails. Approaching the looming menace of the rocky giants reveals vibrant communities that cloak these oasis of life. As water offers comfort to caravans in the desert, the sulfide towers provide shelter and nutrients to extraordinary species living off geothermal energy rather than sunlight. Endemic vestimentiferan worms that adorn blood-red gills, and palm worms that sway in unison in vent fluids, thrive in this ephemeral, unpredictable, volcanic marine kingdom.


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