Science Juror Statement: John Stegeman

The sea touches all of us in many ways, some we are aware of, and some not so obvious. The sea is a controller of climate, is the source of half of the oxygen we breath, and can even affect our blood pressure. The sea shapes our experiences in youth, is a source of power, of beauty, and mystery. In the works submitted to this exhibition the artists have captured the beauty and wonder of the oceans in many creative and different ways.

In some works I was reminded of the thrill of first going to sea on a research cruise, of glimpsing fascinating and rarely seen animals from the deep. The artistic rendering of things in the deep-sea (e.g., Robigou, Koh, Rutstein) will be familiar to any ocean scientist. The depiction of power and the almost hypnotic majesty of the sea, and its appearance in different settings (e.g., Getzler, Juul, Cohen, Davidson among others), all are wonderful. As well, the portrayals of organisms illustrate the variety of life in the sea, although really these just hint at the incredible diversity we now know exists.

There are images also that suggest the fragility of life in the sea, with an Orca held in a plastic bag (Fartushenko). There also is whimsy (Wheeler), imagination (Nilsson), and even the many sounds of the sea — whale song, water motion, and fish sounds are artfully translated (Bodle).

Altogether, this exhibition will captivate the viewer, and evoke memories, wonder, and contemplation. I loved seeing all the images submitted.

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