Sandra Gottlieb

web-GottliebS_Hurricane Sandy, 2p.m., No.2,2

Hurricane Sandy, 2 p.m., No.2 by Sandra Gottlieb, 2012, archival Injet print

I have been photographing the Rockaway Beach seashore at the Atlantic Ocean in Queens, New York City since 1996, and have created six Seascape series, during all seasons and all times of day. The images share a minimalist aesthetic, exploring the most basic elements of composition, contrasting light, texture, and form. I visited Rockaway Beach the afternoon of October 29th in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy was rapidly approaching. I took as many pictures as I could before the powerful wind made it too dangerous to continue. 10 images were chosen for this series. Printing in black and white allows me to use shadow and light to depict the ominous mood that existed that afternoon as the sky darkened and the ocean rushed toward me — barely allowing time to retreat.

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