Reception Photos


October 1, 2017 Artists Reception at New York Hall of Science for Science Inspires Art: OCEAN.


(left-to-right)   Marta Beltramo, Margrit Schwarz, Weiheng Qian, John Stegman, Amanda Levine, Cynthia Pannucci, Lyubava Fartushenko, Helen Glazer, Diana Moore, Marguerita Hagan, Edwin Salgado Villrreal, Vanessa Nilsson, Mary Kay Neumann, Joan Wheeler, and Cynthia Beth Rubin

OceanReception-Marcia+Cynthia_web            OceanJurors2017-DianaMoore+JohnStegeman_web

(left image) Marcia Rudy, New York Hall of Science co-producer with Cynthia Pannucci, organizer of the exhibition for Art & Science Collaborations.  (right image) Diana Moore, Art Juror, with John Stegeman, Science Juror for the exhibition’s international competition.

OceanReception-JoanWheeler2017_web  artist, Joan WheelerOceanReception-WeihengQian2017_web  artist, Weiheng Qian

OceanReception-MargritSchwarz2017_web  artist, Margrit Schwarz

OceanReception-KarenCohen_web  artist, Karen Cohen (right) with exhibition organizer, Cynthia Pannucci (Director, Art & Science Collaborations)


OceanReception-MartaBeltramo_web  artist, Marta Beltramo

OceanReception-EdwinSalgadoVillarreal_web  artist, Edwin Salgado Villarreal

OceanReception-LyubavaFartushenko_web  artist, Lyubava Fartushenko

OceanReception-MaryAnnBiehl_web  artist, Mary Ann Biehl

OceanReception-AmandaLevine_web  artist, Amanda Levine

OceanReception-Hagan_web  artist, Marguerita Hagan

OceanReception-MaryKayNeumann2017_web  artist, Mary Kay Neumann

OceanReception-CynthiaBethRubin_webartist, Cynthia Beth Rubin

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