Mary Ann Biehl


Descent by Mary Ann Biehl, 2017, digital photography

For me, the sea inspires many points of visual exploration. Residing on Long Island and much time spent on Cape Cod, I am fortunate to regularly experience both the power of the ocean, and the calm of safe harbors. However, recent migratory events this Spring in Cape Cod Bay, have prompted a deeper consideration for marine life dependent on these waters. In particular, the precarious plight of the North Atlantic Right Whale. Based on data from the North Atlantic Right Whale Catalog, under 500 named whales remain alive today.

This artwork depicts an aqueous target, suggesting what might have been on the minds of whalers from the industry’s golden age, while also suggesting the hunt of present day researches and whale watchers. It is hoped viewers will come to see whales as precious individual creatures, worthy of our respect and care.

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