Marguerita Hagan


Star Coral Shield (detail) from La Mer series by Marguerita Hagan, ceramic, 2017


Odontella Aurita Diatom Spiral Colony from La Mer series by Marguerita Hagan, ceramic, 2017

The ceramic sculpture series, La Mer, explores life in the ocean from the bioluminescent creatures of the abyss to the exquisite and mighty microscopic beauties in the sunlit zone. These single cell creatures photosynthesize most of Earth’s oxygen and thus sustain all life at the base of our food chain and ecosystem. Many form fantastic colonies empowering their oxygen prowess interdependently. Marine species are extraordinarily important and in critical danger from ocean acidification and other health threats.

These convex ceramic forms play on the concept of a “shield” that provides protection from harm. Shields also herald honor and sense of family like the countless species with which we share our planet. This work intends to expand awareness of climate change impacts on planet Earth and to inspire wise, timely, and sustainable efforts. The intricate ceramic forms reveal the wonder as well as the delicate, diverse, and mostly unseen and little-known life of the sea with which our lives are intrinsically linked.

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