Margrit Schwarz


Tidal Rhythms III by Margrit Schwarz, 2017, archival pigment print


Tidal Rhythms I by Margrit Schwarz, 2017, archival pigment print

Tidal patterns are among the most powerful natural forces that shape our lands. They are the source of biological diversity and unique natural beauty in our coastal wetlands. They leave deep, yet ultimately transient traces on our planet. But beyond their physical impact, tides reflect the rhythm of all life and its directional chaos at a primal level, linking our existence on Earth to universal patterns larger than humanity.

The images in this series have been created on the Lost Coast, California. A river, winding its way down from the coastal King Range, meets the Pacific at remote Black Sand Beach. Like our myriad individual “rivers of life”, its path towards its final destination – the ocean – is inexorable, and never the same. Observing the violent convergence of waters at high tide is an intense experience that deeply resonates with our quest for the meaning of life.

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