Margaret Juul

web-JuulMargaret -EbbAndFlow

“Ebb and Flow” by Margaret Juul, 2016, mixed media

web-JuulMargaret-Churning Sea

“Churning Sea” by Margaret Juul, 2016, mixed media

Bridging visual art and education, my goal is to create artwork that promotes an understanding of the challenges we face regarding a changing climate. Although all aspects are important, I am focusing on Fresh Water and Living Oceans.

We are on the verge of a major turning point in human history. In my way, I hope that people will look at my abstract water paintings and be moved or inspired. Moved to respect the environment and our precious natural resources. Inspired to think creatively, outside the box to find solutions.

My Organic Coastal Waterscape Series has emerged as one of my most widely recognized and well-regarded collections. People worldwide have used that series in creating exceptional interior style. Although commercially admired, my work offers an underlying conservation theme, one I hope will also be appreciated.

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