Lenny Marignier


Starry Skies, Stormy Seas by Lenny Marignier, 2017, mixed media

Whether addressing specific issues, or our treatment of the Earth’s oceans in general, my paintings are a vision through my eyes of what is happening in the deep blue sea. Whilst many of my paintings explicitly depict the darker side of humanity’s relationship with the ocean, others (including this one) are made to reflect our potential as humans to peacefully interact with nature. I use my artwork as a medium to draw more eyes to these issues, as it allows for a different connection with the viewer than a factual documentary would. Whilst I mix in my usual elements of fantasy and surrealism, the underlying themes of my paintings are still very real. I aim to create artwork that can trigger a reaction of change in the viewer. There is no greater reward for me than a viewer who will ask themselves “What can I do to help?”


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