Hunter Cole


X Chromosome by Hunter Cole, 2013, photograph by the light of bioluminescent bacteria

Chicago-based artist Hunter Cole has created several photographic series that incorporate the medium of bioluminescent bacteria. Entitled “Living Light: Photographs by the Light of Bioluminescent Bacteria,” the series includes Living Drawings, Bioluminescent Portraits and Installations, Bioluminescent Weddings, and Bioluminescent Nudes, each its own thematic grouping of images.

Cole photographs bioluminescent bacteria naturally found in fish gut in the ocean. The bioluminescent bacteria thrive in nutrient-rich environment of the fish gut.

X Chromosome shows four people in the shape of an X chromosome. The alphabet of DNA is written in bioluminescent bacteria (A, T, G and C). There are also Xs and Ys. The X and Y relate to two XX chromosomes create a female, and XY chromosomes create a male. The X and Y also relate to the unknowns in genetic technologies.

Cole is one of the first artists to produce significant artworks using bioluminescent light.

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