Helen Klebesadel + Mary Kay Neumann

Watercolor 22x30

Silent Spring (from Tidepools in Peril Series) by Helen Klebesadel & Mary Kay Neumann, 2015, collaborative watercolor

We love sea stars. When we discovered they were dying, we knew we had to tell their story. 90% of ‘starfish’ on the West Coast of the United States have disappeared due to Sea Star Wasting Disease, where the animals melt away. This is only one of the many crises facing our oceans today due to climate change. Our collaborative watercolor, Silent Spring is part of the Tidepools in Peril Series, a fantasy expression of tidepools in trouble, without the beauty of sea stars.

Confronting climate change and acting to mitigate it requires collective efforts across the planet. In this communal spirit, artists Klebesadel and Neumann have come together to create The Flowers Are Burning: An Art and Climate Justice Exhibition. The artists seek to contribute to dialogues with others using art to inspire action to help our global ocean.


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