Helen Glazer


Rectangular Sea Ice by Helen Glazer, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, 2015, photograph

In October 2016, the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources established the first Antarctic marine park, also the largest in the world, encompassing 1.55 million square kilometers (598,000 square miles) in the Ross Sea. The agreement, signed by 24 countries and the European Union, aims to preserve the ecological integrity of the site. This aerial photograph, taken from a helicopter, shows some of the awe-inspiring forms of ocean ice in McMurdo Sound, part of the protected area. In this case, an area of the sound that was frozen-over during the previous winter has been warmed by the 24-hour sunlight of the Antarctic summer and it has broken into giant rectangular “rafts” interspersed with areas where the new, thin ice of the summer shows a deep blue color.


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