Dennis Summers


The Crying Post Project: Prestige Oil Spill, Galicia, Spain by Dennis Summers, 2006, digital print

In 2001, I began work on a memorial to the earth’s pain called The Crying Post Project. It consists of a network of wood staffs installed around the world. Each is topped by a solar powered, audible, “cry” generator.

Thus far posts have gone up at 10 sites world-wide. These have been dedicated to unusually destructive land management, sites of major radioactive pollution, deaths from poison gas, oil spills, etc. A series of prints have been created for each site. This print represents the Prestige oil spill that occurred off the coast of Spain in 2002. The oceans continue to suffer from avoidable accidents and misguided policies.

In addition to the physical posts, there are other aspects of this project that are created in different media including an interactive website.

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