Carrie Bodle


“Waveforms” by Carrie Bodle, 2010, embroidery


“Wavelines” by Carrie Bodle, 2012, video projection

I am an interdisciplinary artist creating immersive experiences responding to site. Oftentimes in my work I am exploring the relationships between art and science, translating inaudible or invisible phenomena into sensible experiences. Through this translation I am interested in the mediation of the natural world through data streams and how artworks offer an open-ended approach to how we interface with and understand the world around us.

For this exhibition I am presenting prints from my Waveforms and Wavelines series. This series utilizes data from a point in an ecosystem model along the Washington Coast near Ocean Shores, WA and translates the data to make it audible and visible. For Waveforms (Tides detail) sound waves from the translated data were embroidered onto linen through a computer-to-embroidery machine process. For Wavelines (installation image) you see a still image from the installation of animated visualizations of the sonified data.

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