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Try guessing which artists were/are also scientists!  (Visit their websites for clues!)

web-Wheeler-Thumb  Joan Wheeler  (Easton, Connecticut)

web-Qian-thumb  Weiheng Qian  (Jersey City, New Jersey)

web-Schwarz-thumb  Margrit Schwarz  (Basel, Switzerland)

web-Glazer-thumb  Helen Glazer  (Owings Mills, Maryland)

web-Getzler-thumb2  Anita Getzler  (Encino, California)

web-Davidson-thumb  Anna Davidson  (West Sacramento, California)

web-Gottlieb-thumb  Sandra Gottlieb  (New York, New York)

web-Cohen-thumb  Karen Cohen  (Washington, D.C.)

web-Juul-thumb  Margaret Juul  (Saint Petersburg, Florida)

web-Beltramo-thumb  Marta Beltramo  (Riverside, Connecticut)

web-Villarreal-thumb  Edwin Salgado Villarreal  (Queens, New York)

web-Koh-thumb  Ray Koh  (Carmel, California)

web-Patrick-thumb  Robert Patrick  (White Bear, Minnesota)

web-Gagnon-thumb  Pnina Gagnon  (Montreal, Quebec)

web-Nakajima-thumb  Ryuta Nakajima  (Duluth, Minnesota)

web-Rubin-thumb  Cynthia Beth Rubin (New Haven, Connecticut) & Suzanne Menden-Deuer  (Kingston, Rhode Island)

web-Cole-thumb  Hunter Cole  (Chicago, Illinois)

web-Bodle_thumb  Carrie Bodle  (Seattle, Washington)

web-Rutstein-thumb  Rebecca Rutstein  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

web-Fartushenko-thumb  Lyubava Fartushenko  (New York, New York)

web-Hoenig-thumb  Susan Hoenig  (Princeton, New Jersey)

web-BiehlM_Descent-thumb  Mary Ann Biehl  (Williston Park, New York)

web-Marignier-thumb  Lenny Marignier  (Brighton, England)

web-Robigou-thumb  Véronique Robigou  (Seattle, Washington)

web-Levine-thumb  Amanda Levine  (Centereach, New York)

web-Hagan-thumb  Marguerita Hagan  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Rock-thumb2  Jenny Rock  (Dunedin, New Zealand)

web-Nilsson-thumb  Vanessa Nilsson  (Wayne, New Jersey)

web-Barancik-thumb  Bob Barancik  (Saint Petersburg, Florida)

web-KlebesadelNeumann-thumb  Helen Klebesadel + Mary Kay Neumann (Madison, Wisconsin)

web-Schiffman-thumb2  Wo Schiffman  (Stratham, New Hampshire)

web-Summers-Thumb  Dennis Summers  (Torreon, New Mexico)

web-Baudrand-thumb  Danielle Baudrand  (Keene, New Hampshire)

web-FlaniganC-thumb  Colleen Flanigan  (Pacific Grove, California)

web-Sunde-thumb  Sarah Cameron Sunde  (New York, New York)

web-Knowlton-thumb  Ken Knowlton  (Sarasota, Florida)

Ken Knowlton’s seashell mosaic portrait of Jacques Cousteau ends our exhibition!