Anna Davidson


My Goodbyes, 2016, digital print

“Floating in the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean is spiritual.
Boundless, the colossal sculptures of snow and ice tower over you as they calve.
They are sacred.
The icy waters bleed over the horizon to a sky of frozen glass. The same color, different hues.
Grey, blue, white, turquoise, pink.
The landscape is transient, moving from solid to liquid to gas.
The freezing water, polar bears and piercing wind are nature’s way of humbling the ego.
When the floating glaciers turn upside-down it sounds like God is getting out of bed.
Sun shines through the blue ice for a brilliant show for no one, as they float effortlessly in the grey water.
They are ephemeral.
Splinter, shatter, fragment, crumble. Until finally all that’s left are tiny lifeboats.
The precariousness of the ice and delicacy of the ocean makes my heart cry as it is my species that has disrespected her.”   (poem by the artist)

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