Amanda Levine


Atlantic Feast by Amanda Levine, 2016, acrylic painting

The North Atlantic Ocean is composed of a wide array of habitats. From the warm, coral reefs of South Florida, to the cold, open ocean off the Canadian coast, wildlife fills our local waters with action, color, and wonder. As a budding marine biologist, I have spent much of my time studying and working with the endless array of marine species that occupy the US eastern seaboard. New York is right in the middle of a spectrum of tropical and arctic waters, bringing reef fish to our bays in the summer, and arctic seals to our shores in the winter. This piece depicts a herring bait ball frenzy, with common dolphins, bluefin tuna, and greater shearwaters attacking from all angles. I do this work in hopes that my fellow New Yorkers will be amazed with what’s in their backyards and that this wonder then blossoms into calls for ocean advocacy.

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